The Patchouli Root Love Oil

Love Oil

Patchouli root is a powerful addition to your ritual magic, helping you find personal growth and otherwise being a powerful aid in spells of money drawing and fertility. However it is best, and extremely strong in love magic.

Orris root has long been used in spells, rituals and charms designed to find or hold love, and messages. Orris is Iris the Greek Goddess – the rainbow. The root also has associations with feminine energy, wind, sea, underworld.

Calamus is often used as an incense component or ritual offering as well as in mojo bags and sachets. Calamus is widly used in matters of Love, Lust, Peace and Binding as regards matters of the heart and relationships.

Today I’ll give you a Wonderful recipe for a love oil, Using the Patchouli root!

You will need:

For the base oil you can use olive oil, Or if you prefer a fragrance use coconut oil.

I like to use a pinch of the following:

A pretty Glass bottle (This is just purely for Looks)



  • Write down your petition beforehand
  • Gather all the ingredients
  • Pray the petition over the ingredients
  • Place them in the bottle, And cover with oil

I like to leave my oil steeping for at least a few weeks.


Ideas for laying down Tricks:

The idea is to make someone return  the love you feel for them.

Put some of this on the bottom of their shoe’s or place oil on their sox or under clothes.


Other ideas:

Boil the Patchouli Root and add the tea to your bathwater. Then add a few drops of the love Oil to the bath water.

It is said that this will make you more attractive to members of the opposite sex.


Enjoy and best of luck – Laying Your you’ll trick!


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