Loa Ti Jean

Ti Jean is a loa who lives in bushes.  He is a powerful black magic spirit and a popular vodun in Haiti. He has the ability to dance and walk through fire and whenever he is angry he sets houses on fire.

Although, he is seen as a one legged dwarf, he is very agile in climbing trees especially the coconut tree. He loves to be offered a sheep which must be burnt to ashes before being offered. Some part of history says that Ti jean dantor was the only son of Erzulie Dantor and was involved in an incestuous relationship with his mother while others claim that Erzulie Danto had one son called Anaise. Ti Jean also had relationships with Marinette.

Characteristics of Ti Jean Dantor


Color: Pale yellow.

Days: Tuesday and Saturday

Celebration:  June 24

Precious stone: Silver.

Food: Cake, Fruit Tartar, Pastry, Plate of Sweets and Sweets, Red Cola, Grenadine Syrup.

Saint Representative: St. John the Baptist

Appearance: Jean Dantor loves to wear a straw hat and carries a baton for support. He is very playful and is often seen smoking two cigarettes at a time.

Ti Jean Ceremony:

Ti Jean is a serpent loa who has healing and prophetic abilities. Every year on the 24th of June, worshippers of this loa gather at the temple to offer him praises and offerings. His favorite cocktail is offered in a special Ti Jean  bottle. The content include; clairin, anetoile, sugar, cinnamon sugarcane and lanni.

When a devotee becomes possessed with this loa, he acts violently. Other worshippers often stay far away from the possessed devotee as he dances in flame and destroys items. After the spirit has left the individual, it would take quite some time for him to recover.

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