How to Make a Scrying Mirror

One of the common tools used in the act of divination is the scrying mirror. This act of making divination with the use of mirrors is called Catoptromancy.  They say that the mirror is a door to other dimensions and whatever is reflected goes beyond what we see with the naked eye. From this premise, the science of catoptromancy extends into different fields.

There are several miseries about the black mirror. There are some times that you would see strange images on your mirror. For example, enter into a dark room in the middle of the night and with a candle in your hands. Then light up the candle and gaze at the mirror. After some minutes your face might seem to be changing as other faces appear. It is believed that those images are from an individual’s past lives.


How to Use Scrying Mirrors

To get symbols of the future place a mirror on your window during daytime.  Place it in a position that allows the sun to enter the house through it then hold it so that it reflects sunlight on the ceiling. Then observe the moving shapes that appear as these are symbols of the future.

To ask a question about your life, take a glass mirror to a lake, pond or stream or you can set up a large bucket with water in it. Ask a question that can be answered with a yes or a no. Then submerge the mirror completely into the water for three times, taking it out each time. When you take it out for the last time, you should contemplate its surface. If the reflection is clear, the answer is yes; if it is distorted, then the answer is no.

To know if an expected event will take place, use a greasy pencil to write the question on a small mirror. Wrap the mirror into several layers of fabric, place it under the pillow and sleep on it. If you dream of the expected event, it will happen; if not, then it probably won’t happen.

Apart from scrying one of the primary uses of mirrors is to direct the light and energy during a spell. The magic mirror deflects and intensifies the sun or moonlight thereby giving the object being charged a concentrated dose of energy. Most often this is done in order to empower or bless objects, particularly tools which are being consecrated.

How can I get a scrying mirror?

Any mirror or other object with a reflective surface can be transformed into a scrying mirror. Black obsidian is a popular choice, but you can still use normal mirrors to create one. The moon is known to govern the third eye and psyche so the best time to prepare your scrying mirror is on the appearance of a full moon.


  • Get a glass of your choice then get a newspaper or white piece of paper.
  • Clean the glass thoroughly with a glass cleaner then place it on the newspaper so it doesn’t get stained.
  • Paint only one side of the glass with a black spray. Ensure that the spray is good for glass materials.
  • You can apply a second or third coat of paint if necessary.
  • Ensure to do the painting carefully so it doesn’t spread to other areas.
  • Keep the glass to dry for hours before fixing it into the glass frame.


The next step would be to charge and consecrate your mirror using the full moon spells or any spell that works for you and once that is done, place your scrying mirror where no one can touch it. If a person touches it, you would have to rededicate it before use. Alternatively, you can order for scrying mirrors from our online stores. We have well-designed mirrors that suit all rituals requirements.

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