Loa: Kouzen Zaka

Kouzen Zaka

 The god of agriculture and the harvest, making him the patron deity of farmers and fieldworkers.

Other names:

  • Kouzen Zaka, Zaca, Cousin Zaca, Azaka Mede, Minis Zaka, Zaka Klib, Zaka Tonné(Zaka Thunder).


  • Farms, harvest, fertility, fieldworkers.


  •  Brother of Ghede.



His favorite food is a stew called tchaka. It’s made with pinto beans, corn, beef, and chayote squash. Recipes may vary but here is a good one.

BIG IMPORTANT WARNING; when you cook for Kouzen it is VITALLY important that you do not taste his food. If you do, he will think you are stealing from him, and Kouzen hates thieves.

Other offering include: boiled corn, cassava bread, sweet potato, yam, coconut, toasted corn and peanut, a gray rooster or a goat. Cola, coffee,  and all kind of fruit are Kouzen’s offerings.

His tree is the avocado.


Green, Denim sometimes blue and red.





Zaca is the god of the harvest and agriculture. His worshippers called upon him to ensure a bountiful harvest and the fertility of the earth. He opposed Sagbata in his personification of drought and pestilence on earth.

Zaca is the friendliest and most approachable of the gods and may be addressed as “Cousin Zaca” if spotted in the fields. He dresses in denims and a straw hat just like the rural Haitians do. In addition 

Zaca smokes a pipe, drinks from bottles of rum and wields a machete. His holy day is Haitian Labor Day on May 1st.

Song for Kouzen

From Hougan Sydney

” Jaden mwen lwen;  mayi’m ape kase ago e!
Jaden Mwen lwen; mayi ap kase ago e!
Jou’m pran yon fanm, ki pa pote panye nan tèt samalouwe?

My field is far away; my corns are being stolen ago e!

My field is far away; my corns are being stolen ago e!

The day I take a woman who doesn’t carry a basket on her head, what will I do?




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What is a Veve?

Veve (spelled Vèvè or Vevè) is a religious symbol commonly used in different branches of voodoo throughout the African diaspora such as Voodoo and is different than the petipembas used in Palo or ponto riscados used in Quimbanda since they are all separate African religions. It acts as a “beacon” for the Loa, and will serve as a loa’s representation during rituals.


What are Rada Lwa?

Rada Loa/Lwa, or spirits who come out of the rites of the old kingdom of Dahomey (present Nigeria, Benin and Togo), generally considered to be benevolent and sweet (dous).(4)

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