Magical Uses of the Cinnamon Plant

The cinnamon is a very useful plant in magic which belongs to the laurel family.  It has brown, papery bark and leathery leaves. In summer, its yellow flowers appear followed by purple berries. This plant was mentioned in the Chinese books on healing more than five thousand years ago and was also used in Egypt and Europe. 

Cinnamon is astrologically associated to the sun and fire element and is commonly used as incense. It has a good smell that fills the room with a warm and comfy feeling. Propagation of this plant is not suitable in most parts of North America. The best cinnamons are grown in Sri Lanka.

Uses of Cinnamon in Voodoo Rituals

  1. For Sexual Arousal:

The Cinnamon incense and oil is often used in love and attraction spells. Burning this incense during sex increases the sexual passion and pleasure. The use of cinnamon in men leads to an increase in libido.

  1. For Cleansing:

The incense can be used to sanctify an object or ritual area while cinnamon oil is used to anoint ritual tools during healing and protection spells.  You can burn it during Esbat or moon ritual to attract powerful spiritual vibrations to your sacred space and enhance your spiritual mood during divination.

  1. To Attract Good luck and Wealth:

Cinnamon can be used to attract prosperity. All you have to do is to make a bowl out of cinnamon clay then write the amount of money you need on a piece of paper and place it in the bowl. Add few coins too and have faith that more money will come to you. After you have gotten the amount desired, bury the paper and coins in the yard and you can use the bowl to carry out your next money request.

Another means of attracting money with this plant is to add it to the contents of your mojo bag. You can also mix cinnamon with other herbs such as ginger, cloves, nutmeg, etc…to enhance its money drawing properties. If you place the charged cinnamon scented brooms in your house, it will bring you happiness, peace and good luck.

  1. Heals Gastrointestinal Disorder:

If you are experiencing upset stomach, vomiting, morning sickness and digestive problems, then a cinnamon tea would go a long way in relieving you from these illnesses. Pregnant women and other users are advised to abstain from ingesting large doses of this plant.

  1. For Protection Purpose:

Place a bundle of cinnamon stick on your front door and windows to protect your home from negative energies, curses and the evil eye. Meditate on your desire while carrying out this ritual.  You can also use it as your protection charm by placing powdered cinnamon in your pouch.

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