How to Prepare a Home Made Talisman

A talisman is a magically charged object designed to bring the wearer a specific blessing. A talisman serves as a source of power to the sorcerer and it is often designed with sigils that represent certain planets and spirits.

Talismans can be purchased from local metaphysical shops or from online stores. If you purchase from these sources you must consecrate and charge the objects before use. In traditional magic schools, it is advised that talismans should be created by the person who plans to use it. After adding the entire necessary items you can add a personal touch by incorporating a verse, inscription, or pattern that has a particular meaning to the creator.

Let us see a simple way of creating your personal talisman.

Items required:

  • Books,
  • Paper,
  • Various ingredients related to the purpose of the talisman,
  • Cloth bag,
  • Pen,
  • Candles,
  • Matches.


  1. When you have decided why you need a talisman, you should do some research on the planets, seals and spirits associated to what you wish to attract.
  2. Gather the items such as stones, crystals, bones, herbs, clothes, objects, etc.. that are related to the purpose of your talisman. If you want to make a talisman to help you drive safely, collect the dirt from the roads you drive on. If you want to reconcile with a friend, get an image of that person or something that he has touched. Ask your helping spirit to help you figure out what seems right.
  3. Create a runic symbol to enchant your talisman. First write a message stating what the talisman should do such as:

“I’m going to get a job at Wal-mart “

  1. Then remove all the vowels. Take each third letter and rearrange the letters until they make an abstract image that does not look like the original statement. Draw the rune on a cloth bag.
  2. Set up your ritual space and arrange everything that you will need. White candles and sandalwood or frankincense incense are good all-purpose tools for setting up the ritual space.
  3. The time for the ritual should be when you are alone and focused. You can also choose a planetary day or hour that corresponds to the purpose of your talisman.
  4. Surround yourself with a circle of candles and invoke the gods you believe in. Then spend some minutes meditating. Focus on the rune and meditate on your desire. Avoid every form of distraction and ensure to communicate with the associated spirits.
  5. Hold the talisman item in your hand or against your body and recite your wishes:


“I want a job, this talisman shall bring me jobs and good fortune” or

 “I am worthy of love, send a lover to me”

As the talisman warms with your bodily heat, fantasize on the answers to your requests. Get excited about your intention and as you continue to wish for it, let the energy flow into your hands and into the talisman.

When you feel that the talisman has absorbed the energy to its peak, seal it off with a gesture and if the items are in a bag, you can spit into the bag, or kiss the item. Then be joyous because as you have desired so shall it be.

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