Orisha Oshun: The Goddess of Love and Beauty

Oshún also known as Ochun is the youngest of all the Orishás who rules the rivers. According to the legend, after her creation, she was gifted with love and sweetness so she became the orisha of love and beauty. Oshun is known for her seductive and sensual power.

Originally the waters belonged to Yamaya but one day while being chased by Ogun, Oshun had fallen into the rivers and Yamaya took her in and protected her from the fierceness of Ogun. She gave her the rivers to rule and that was how she became the river goddess.  

Ochún is a sensual and seductive goddess who inspires sexual love and promotes fertility. She gives beautiful babies to those who call upon her. Once the babies are conceived, she loses interest and hands over the child rearing to Yamaya who protects the child till birth.

Oshun loves to laugh, dance and has great taste in everything. She likes gold and when she gives a person a child, the child is often very fair and beautiful. She is a witch that is very good at throwing love spells. With her pot of honey tied around her waist she easily seduces whosoever she desires.

She fell in love with Chango and they became lovers. But Chango had a favorite concubine, Oya who he paid more attention to. This made her jealous and she tried separating the couple. When she couldn’t get all of Chango’s love and attention, she became heartbroken.

Although, known to be a lively goddess, Oshun can be moody, jealous and petty especially whenever she gets disappointed by the one she loves. She is also a materialistic goddess who hates being poor.


General Characteristics of Goddess Oshun

Symbols: Gold, yellow butterflies, diamonds, yellow roses, peacock, vultures, etc.

Tarot: Page (Princess in Thoth Deck) of Cups, Ace and 2 of cups

Chakra: Solar plexus, heart chakra

Astrology: Venus, Taurus and Virgo

Associated Number: 5

Day: Saturday

Traditional Colors: Yellow, gold and amber

Offerings: Pumpkins, cinnamon, sweet potatoes, lemons, coconut, honey, yams, chicken, etc.

Favorite Plants: Sunflowers, lemons, pumpkins, cinnamon, butternut squash, etc.

Animals: Yellow butterflies, bees, otters, skunks, peacock, vulture, etc.

Gemstones: Amber, diamonds, imperial topaz, yellow fluorite, rutilated quartz, citrine, golden beryl, etc.

Feast Day: September 8th

Syncretized Catholic Saint: Our Lady of Charity of Cobre

Appearance: She is often dressed in long yellow satin dresses cinched tightly at the waist exposing her contours.


Natural bodies of water, jewelry stores, beauty shops, cosmetology school, boutique and in love gardens.

Altar Preparation:

When preparing an altar to Oshun, the space should be cleaned and perfumed. Your altar must look pretty and you can decorate it with her favorite items. She loves yellow, gold, amber and brass. She loves to be praised and called a goddess.

On the altar, place your sweet offerings such as; honey, pumpkin, cinnamon, sweet potatoes, lemons, coconut, yams, etc. You can offer her cowries and jewelries. When consulting her for blessings, do not make promises that you can’t keep because she hates that.

Areas of Influence:

Oshun protects against illnesses in the lower stomach and intestines. She handles infertility issues and heals disorders of the reproductive system. Being a goddess of love, you can call her whenever you are experiencing love and relationship issues.

Attracting and Maintaining the Blessings of Oshun

If you wish to attract the blessings of Oshun then you should worship and portray her attributes. Oshun is very generous to people so you should be the hands of Oshun in humanity by spreading joy and love wherever you can. Your top priority should be to make the world a more beautiful place.

Take good care of your appearance, love your skin and do everything to stay healthy. Wear beautiful clothes especially yellow dresses and do not fail to adorn yourself with gold accessories. You may not own the finest clothes, but what you have should be clean and beautiful.


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