Orisha Yemaya: The Goddess of Fertility

Yemayá is the mother of all living things. She is the goddess of fertility  who resides in the ocean and  gave birth to the stars and moons. She rules over motherhood and owns the earth and waters.

She is known to be a protective, fruitful and nurturing mother but kills anyone who tries to harm her children. Orisha Yemaya gives children to the barren and offers support to those who worship her.

She has a special relationship with Oshun; who is said to be her sister and Chango who is said to be her child. As typical sisters, Orisha Yamaya allowed Oshun to live in her waters and they both love each other. Also, Yamaya and Chango are said to be inseparable too.


Characteristics of Orisha Yamaha

Symbols:   Seashells, an open shell, 7 seas, 7 skirts, 5 pointed Star of Isis, the Moon, bodies of water.

Colors:  blue, green, white, silver.

Associated Number: 7

Sacred Place in Nature: the ocean, lagoons and lakes.

Astrology: The sign of Cancer.

Tarot: The Empress, 3 of cups.

Chakra: Heart.

Stones:  Pearls,  coral, moonstone, turquoise, light blue crystals and clear crystals.

Fragrance:  Sandalwood, Lilac, Verbena, Tea Rose, etc.

Flowers:  Trout Lily, Sea Lavender.

Offerings:  Salt water fish, brown sugar, grapes, pears, watermelon, pineapples, papayas, apples, white wine, cane syrup, cowries, white coins, etc.

Day of the Week:  Saturday

Festival Days:  February 2nd, September 7th , Mother’s day.

Syncretized Catholic Saint: The Virgin of Regla

Locations: Ocean, beach, large pond, maternity wards, day care centers, or wedding venues.

You can call on Orisha Yemaya to grant you:

  • Healing,
  • Fertility,
  • Protection,
  • Safe journey while traveling on sea,
  • Security in finances, job, love, marriage, home,
  • Good health and luck into your home,
  • Safe child delivery,
  • Marriage partner,
  • Children when you are barren.


How to Invoke Orisha Yamaya  when seeking for a child:

  • Spread a green handkerchief over your altar.
  • Place her statue on the handkerchief.
  • Anoint your Yamaya 7 day orisha candle with yamaya oil.
  • Light your candle .
  • Cut into halves the pomegranate and apply honey to both sides.
  • Write your name and your partners name on the piece of paper and place it in between the pomegranate.
  • Join the halves together and press tightly.
  • Call onto Orisha Yamaya by reciting:


“Hail Yemaya, Blessed Mother of the Seas,

Let your sacred waters wash over me.

Oh! Mother of Fertility, embrace me, your humble child. 


Here I come! Cleanse me, nurture me, sustain me.
Orisha Yemaya, the beautiful one
Who wears the Seven Skirts of the Seven Seas,
Swirl around me and create a flow of energy
That washes away all bane.

Oh Yemaya! Mistress of the Moon,
Shine your light onto me,
And fill me with your magic. 

Make me fertile! Help me to accomplish my goals,
Yemaya, the great goddess of the Ocean
I ask you to fill me with your healing energy.
Let your cleansing waters wash over me
Heal me with your regenerative powers

Call on her earnestly and tell her the issues you have with child birth. Always wear a Yamaya Camino necklace while you are expecting to conceive a child. When you have conceived, offer sacrifices to her and ensure to dedicate the child to her when he is born.


Image Source: http://psychicwayne1.com/orisha-yemaya/

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