How to Prepare Incombustible Incense

There are several types of incense burned to spread pleasant aromas. The perfume of the incense is used in aromatherapy to relax and raise the mood, because the aromas produce emotions and can exert beneficial influences on the mental and physical health. Incense are also burnt during rituals to enhance the success of the rituals.
There are two types of incense which are; combustible and incombustible incense. The incombustible incense is usually in powder form, lacks saltpeter and does not burn on its own. They can be easily prepared with materials gotten from our surroundings such as; dried plants, herbs, flowers, resins and mixtures of essential oil.

Below are simple steps on preparing homemade incombustible incense:
Items Required:

• Rubber or natural resins
• Leaves, flowers, tree bark or plant roots
• Essential oil, fine oil, honey or wine
• A mortar
• A deep bowl
• A container with airtight lid

• Place the gums or natural resins, the leaves, flowers and dried roots or barks inside the container.
• Add your oil which could be fine vegetable oil (virgin olive oil, hazelnuts, coconut or an essential oil. You can also use fine wine or natural wine.
• Mix all the components to form a dough.
• Soak for about a week until they have hardened.
• After that time, put the hardened ingredients in a mortar and grind them finely until you get a powder.
• Store the powder in an airtight jar until when needed.

To prepare natural incense, you can use any herb that you love its fragrance. Almost any vegetable can be used to make this recipe, especially aromatic herbs, barks, flowers and fruits that have intense and pleasant aromas.
While grinding, ensure to focus on the intent of the incense. To boost the energy of your incense you can add any gemstones like ground lapis.

Once you have successfully blended and energized the items used in the preparation, you can empower the incense with the specific purpose for which it was created. Then store in a cool dark place until when needed.

How to Burn Natural resin Incense:
Get a heat resistant dish preferably 5 inches in diameter and at least 2 inches deep and fill it with sand or ash up to 1 inch from the bottom. Then light up a hookah style charcoal and once it is hot, place it inside the dish. Then place little quantity of the incense on the charcoal and allow it to burn.

Another method of burning natural incense is to pour ashes on the censer containing the incombustible incense mixture and light it up. You can also place an ember on the incense burner then sprinkle the incombustible incense powder.

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