Voodoo Offerings to Voduns

In African culture, the act of offering foods to the gods, goddess and ancestor dates back to the prehistoric times. Different religions have different tradition of offering sacrifices to the gods but the main reason for making offerings is to receive blessings.

In a voodoo shrine, you are most likely to find bottles of whisky, champagne, rice, potato, yam, etc. Sometimes, you might find blood or corpse of dead animals around the premises. All those items are actually used as offerings. Although, offerings are not required by gods or ancestors, they are helpful and appreciated.

There are also some classes of loas that can only communicate with you after you have fed them with food and these loas have different choice of food so you must know the appropriate food item to offer to the loa.

Food: Salted herring, sweet potato (purple or white skinned), ears of corn, ground corn, herring, goat, tasso, smoked plantain, yam, giraumon soup, Haitian broth and dombreuil.
Drink: Bacardi white rum, clairin and hot pepper (seven or twenty-one), Tequila.
Color: Black or purple.
Gemstone: Black Onyx, Gold or Silver, Amethyst.
Day: Saturday or every day

Food: white rice, milk, egg, white pigeon, flour, honey syrup, cake, spiced white cod on polka dotted rice.
Drink: Vodka, Scottish whiskey, Bailey’s, orgeat syrup.
Color: White
Fragrance: Florida, Pompeii.
Gemstone: Gold, Emerald (green).
Day: Thursdays

Food: Rice stuck with black peas, weighed banana, pork meat griot, sweet black coffee, cigarette.
Fruits: red grapes, orange, clementine.
Drink: Cinzano, Tia Maria, Grand Marnier, sweet red wine, red grenadine syrup.
Color: royal blue or red.
Fragrance: Florida, Dream of gold.
Requirements: Royal blue scarf, blue or red candle, dagger, red rose bouquet.
Precious stone: Silver.
Day: Tuesday and Saturday

Food: Fish, chicken, white pigeon, ripe plantain, pineapple.
Drink: Amaretto, Anisette.
Color: Pink, sky blue, and white (sometimes identified with Immaculate Conception).
Fragrance: Florida, Dream of gold.
Stones: Gold, diamond.
Day: Thursday

Food: Cake, fruit tartar, pastry, plate of sweets, red cola, grenadine Syrup.
Color: pale yellow.
Precious stone: Silver.
Days: Tuesday and Saturday

Food: rice stuck with black peas, black hen.
Drink: Clairin and Syrup.
Color: black, white.
Precious stone: Black stone.
Day: Tuesday and Saturday

Food: Pink or red fish (fried or in tomato sauce), rice stuck with red peas, plantain and salad (lettuce and tomato), almond, pistachio nuts, shrimp and seafood.
Drink: Barbancourt Rum (five stars).
Color: Red
Fragrance: Florida, Opium.
Requirements: Red scarf, red candle, machete, tobacco and pipe, cigar, sweet black coffee.
Precious stone: Garnet (red).

Food: sticky rice and chicken meat.
Drink: Saint Raphael liqueur, strong alcohol for Petro rite.
Color: Sky blue, white (Simbi Dlo, Rada rite); red (Simbi Makaya, Petro rite).
Precious stone: Gold, diamond.
Day: Saturday


Food: Haitian white bread, a handful of corn, rice and peas, cassava, coconut, sweet bread, etc.
Drink: Clairin, star anise, etc.
Color: Indigo, blue.
Precious stone: Ruby, Sapphire.
Day: Saturday

How Do I Dispose the Offerings?
After you have offered different items to the loas, you can wait for some days before disposing the items. The decayed food items can be used as compost manure. Note that you are not expected to eat any item offered to the gods because such act is disrespectful and can bring curses to you. Besides the food items offered to the gods are drained of their vitality therefore it will provide you with zero nourishment.

Source: The Symbolism of Images and Colors in Haitian Voodoo By Potomitan

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