How to Invoke the Goddess of Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess that is called upon for love and war.  She is the daughter of the sea blessed with beauty, love and pleasure. The goddess of Aphrodite rules over marriages and illicit affairs. You can call her if you are lonely and need love in your life. You can also call upon her to build your self-love and confidence.

How to Prepare your Altar for Invocation to Aphrodite

Items needed:

  • A statue or picture of Aphrodite
  • Starfish, seashells, scallop shells
  • A beautiful tray
  • Red or pink candle
  • A piece of paper, cut out in the form of a heart to write down your petition,
  • A pen
  • Rose Ritual Oil
  • 3 rose quartz gemstones
  • Rose quartz mala beads
  • Flowers
  • Patchouli or jasmine


  • Draw your magical circle, stand in front of your altar and place your pink candle at the middle.
  • On the heart-shaped paper, write down in red ink the description of the type of person you want in your life.
  • Place the shells, mala beads, rose quartz, dried rose buds, starfish, etc. into the tray.
  • Smudge all your items at your altar space to remove negative energies.
  • Set up your altar; place the tray and the Aphrodite representative at the center of the altar.
  • With your thoughts focused on your desire recite:


“Aphrodite, Aphrodite, goddess of love and passion

Hear my call, lower your gaze on me and grant me the grace to find a love that is loyal and in good faith”

  • Prick your left thumb with a small sterilized needle and drop three drops of blood on the leaf.
  • Put a few drops of the rose scented ritual oil on the candle and light it up!
  • Place the leaf above the fire and while it burns recite:

“It’s with my blood and fire that this magic begins.

The desire will bring to me the one that is destined for me .

 Dream of me now, mortal heart,

Feel the emptiness of the separation,

Dream of me under the rays of the moon,

Come to me, guided by the rays of the Sun and the Universal Energy of Cosmic Love. ”

“So be it”.

While the candle burns, focus on your expectation and imagine the kind of lover you need.  Pour three drops of blood, close the magic circle and finish the invocations. Remember to say thanks to the Aphrodite goddess at the end of the ritual.

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