Prayer to give life to your voodoo doll

If you have been following our blogs then you must have learnt how to prepare voodoo dolls.  In this blog, we intend to teach you a voodoo prayer that gives life to your voodoo doll. This involves an invocation to the maximum dark forces and the spirits of the beyond to activate the doll to represent the person you wish to work on.

Below is the prayer:

Oh mighty Beelzebub

Tonight, I entrust (name of the person) to you

So that I can control him through this doll that I baptize in your name.

Oh mighty Beelzebub

Tonight give me the power I need

For this doll to represent the life of………………(mention the name).


In life this is now what you will be,

Everything that will be done to this voodoo doll

Shall happen to ……………….(mention the name) 

Henceforth  I order that as the days go by,

Only I can control all your deepest desires, actions and dreams.

Your life is now under my control and you will not be able to

feel any pleasure if it is not ordered by me.

So be it.


While saying this prayer, ensure to concentrate and avoid distracting thoughts.  Also, if you have  strong  faith that what you have requested for would be granted then it would be.  Note that you can only say this prayer after you have bought or prepared your voodoo doll. For guidance on how to prepare your personal voodoo doll, click here.

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