How to Perform Necromancy Ritual 

Necromancy is the practice that involves the control of the dead. This is done through divination, consultation and invocation to the beings of the underworld with the sole purpose of obtaining greater power and knowledge. The term necromancy is derived from the Greek words; nekros which means “dead” and manteia which means “divination”.

This ritual is often performed with great caution because it involves having an agreement with the devil. Also, the sorcerer is convinced that the “astral corpse” wishes to live once more and this is achieved by absorbing the vital energy of the living.

One of the oldest uses of necromancy in the literary field is found in Homer’s Odyssey. Under the domination of Circe, a powerful sorceress, Odysseus travels to the underworld. In various passages of the Odyssey you can find several descriptive references to necromantic rituals. There are rites that must be performed around a well with fire during the night hours, and the Odysseus character has to follow a particular recipe, which includes; performing a libation to the ghosts while he recites prayers to the ghosts and gods of the underworld.

History of Necromancy

It dates back to Persia, Greece and Rome and in the middle ages it was widely practiced by magicians, sorcerers, and witches. It was condemned by the Catholic Church but in recent times necromancy is still practiced in Voodoo and Santeria traditions.

How to Perform a Necromancy ritual

To perform this ritual the sorcerer must carry out strong protection rites because the spirits invoked are often unfriendly. The sorcerer would need the support of powerful spirits to coerce the specters into submitting to the will of the sorcerer.

The use of incense and essential oil, a meticulous study of lunar and planetary influence play a vital role in necromancy.
Also, the sorcerer is expected to prepare himself for a period of nine days before attempting to carry out a necromancy ritual. During these days he is made to abstain from certain practices and stay in the gloom of death.

Getting a Location:
The different locations used for this ritual include; forests, crossroads, abandoned churches, castles, graveyards, etc. The ritual is often performed at night around 1.00 am. They can perform it under the rain and few other conditions too.

When everything is ready, the procedures to follow are:
1. Draw your magical circles on the ground with crosses, other symbols and names of gods then bless the circles.

2. Place some objects that serve as a bridge between the living and the dead. This would be used for invoking the spirits.

3. It is believed that in many cases the dead are manifested as furious beasts that scream and sputter. Such rabid attitude is because they feel compelled to return to the realm of the living.

4. If at the end they become submissive to the will of the sorcerer, it is very common for them to undergo a transformation into naked men that are willing to talk.

5. At the end of the consultation the sorcerer must make the dead spirits disappear by forming clouds of sulfur. After which every earthly evidence (such as flowers) used at the ritual site must be burnt and the ashes buried.

Finally, this ritual is a delicate one and shouldn’t be dared by a novice. You must be fully aware of the necessary offerings, enchantments, and tools to use before practicing necromancy. If for any reason you feel like communicating with the spirit of a dead one then you should hire the services of professional sorcerers.

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