Fertility Spells, Stones and Amulets

One of the main reasons why people marry is to procreate but when the baby isn’t coming after many years of marriage then it becomes a big issue. Sometimes, this challenge can make the couple feel frustrated and forced to spend all their savings on ineffective drugs.

If you are experiencing infertility then I have got some spells, stones and amulets that enhance fertility.

Ritual one:

During your most fertile period (usually 2 days before, during and after ovulation), light 9 white candles in your bedroom and place them around your bed.

You and your partner should be naked then face the north and recite:

“With the same purpose, we call you.

With one heart, we long for you,

Child of Earth, of Air, of Fire and of Water,

In our lives, we welcome you. “

Look to the East, then to the South and West, repeating this spell each time. Then proceed to make love as nature requires. Repeat this spell for five consecutive nights before making love.

Fertility Charms:

There are different charms, herbs and amulets that you can use to enhance conception. Below is a list of items you should try out.

Fertility Herbs:

  • Herbs such as; basil, hazel, poppy, acorns, myrtle, cucumber, apple, pomegranate and all other nuts are known to enhance fertility.
  • Carry a bagful of hazel nuts to ensure your fertility.
  • A piece of mandrake root when carried by a man can enhance his fertility and sexual prowess.
  • If you place a baby shaped mandrake root under a woman’s bed it will make her to get pregnant.


Fertility Stones:

  • Aventurine
  • Moonstone
  • Rhodonite
  • Fluorite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Black Coral
  • Ruby Zoiste
  • Turquoise
  • Pearls
  • Red Carnelian
  • Aquamarine


Fertility Amulets:

Bull Amulet: This amulet increases fertility in women and men when worn or placed under the bed before making love.

Ram Amulet: This magical object is known to increase fertility in women.

Goat Amulet: The symbol of goat increases fertility when worn or carried as an amulet.

Fish Amulet: An amulet shaped like a pair of fish will increase your fertility, virility, prosperity and protection.

Unicorn Amulet: An amulet with a unicorn shape is known to promote fertility or increase sexual magnetism.

If you are having infertility issues, we are here to guide you properly on the right spells, stones and amulets to use. If you wish to order for any of these items, kindly contact us.



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