How to Use Seashells in Magical Works

There are different sea shells that are known to possess magical abilities due to its association with different sea goddesses. Obviously sea shells are associated with the water element and the moon because the moon controls the tide of the ocean.

The sea shells are often used as a symbol of femininity as some shells have features that look like female breasts and vulva. In the olden days, seashells were used for hair and jewelries adornments.

Seashells were also used as currencies in different cultures and it was linked to prosperity and abundance. There are millions of shells in the ocean and most of them have this beautiful charm that attracts people. In this blog we shall look at the magical properties of different seashells.


Also known as the sea ears, this shell has a strong elemental bond with the healing elements of water and earth. It is usually found off the coasts of South America, Japan and China. The native Northwest American Indians use it for offerings, cleansing and prayers.

This shell is known to heal the body within the chakras but resonates mostly with chakras of the third eye, heart and solar plexus.

It reduces anxiety and stress related issues, provides relief from heart problems, arthritis, muscular and joint disorders.


This shell is a symbol of growth and renewal. Unlike, other shells, nautilus does not shed its shell instead it expands as the body grows. The outward spiral shape of the Nautilus suggests that it can keep growing indefinitely. This shell is used for magical workings on spiritual growth and expansion.


This shell has connections to femininity and it is used for spells on fertility, birth, sexuality and menstruation. The cowries also represent prosperity and are used as form of currency in some parts of Africa.


Although the star fish doesn’t have a shell but this sea creature is used to represent renewal, good luck and the power of the heavenly creatures. When worn as an amulet it works as an intuition that reminds a sensitive person to adapt and thrive within their surroundings.

The star fish speaks to the mystic mind and it is associated with number 5 which is linked to the Pentagram. They are used in preparing charms on strength and recovery. It said to have the superpower to regrow a missing limb.


This shell has both masculine and feminine properties thus representing completeness. It has a venomous tooth and the animal is known to be aggressive.  Augers are attributed to Mars and are used in decorating headdresses, magickal wands and in preparing protective charms.


These shells are best used in spells for good fortune and banishment. They have the ability to generate pearls to protect it from irritating grains of sand. It is related to the moon and some cultures view its pearls as tears of the moon. Oysters are used for lunar magic, spells on passion, good fortune, virility, sexual love and banishment.

Shells Preparation:

If you bought your shells from a store you should cleanse and recharge them before use. To do this, soak your shells in a bowl of water mixed with sea salt for a day then recharge them by setting the bowl under the sun or full moon for some hours. This would charge it with the ability to grant your heart desires.

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