We all know that gambling is a game of chance but there are some fortunate individuals who always win in all the games they play. Then there is the other set who find it difficult to win because they are cursed with unlucky stars.

If you always have bad luck in games, if your friends win very easily, if you are tired of losing money to your opponents then I think you should try these magical tips for gambling.

  1. Enter the place where you are going to bet with the right foot, this is an ancestral tradition and a way to call luck.
  2. Avoid playing on Tuesdays and Fridays, you might be unlucky on those days.
  3. If you do not have the habit of playing and do not know what numbers to bet on, you can resort to 3, 7, 9, or 21; these are Kabbalistic numbers for excellence. Try them out and you might just win the game.
  4. Wear a white garment to attract luck or a yellow garment to scare away negative influences.
  5. At night place a magical mirror under your bed at your head position. You will have a revelation on what numbers to bet in the game. Ensure to bet on those numbers the following day and you will win.
  6. Deliver the money for the bet with your left hand. This part of the body is loaded with positive energy than the right.
  7. Write the chosen numbers on paper and enclose them in a circle drawn in red. Fold the paper into 4 and take it with you to the casino.
  8. Meditate on the number (s) while you are playing. Do not say it aloud because the energy that you have deposited in it will be dispersed thereby diminishing or canceling the reception of positive vibrations.
  9. Never have negative thoughts at the time you play. Remember that the action of playing must be taken as a rite and your full concentration must be on it.
  10. Place rue plants inside each shoe and wear it to the casino.
  11. One way to attract luck, is to wear a gold object preferably a ring and carry stones like lapis lazuli, coral, quartz, your pouch.
  12. If you are sitting while betting, do not cross your legs or arms; this position hinders the energies.
  13. It is always recommended that while sitting down to play, do it on the right side of the chair. Also, do not allow anyone to look over your shoulder.
  14. Wear your underwear with the side of the seams facing out.
  15. You can perform a moon ritual to attract luck in the game. Take the bills or coins and rub them together, repeating the chosen numbers. Chant the word “MONEY” with strong conviction. After wards place the coins under your bed until when you would use them.


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