The General Uses of Incense  

Since ancient time, incense has always been used in religious ceremonies because it is believed to possess magical powers that attract or repel certain energies and spirits. Experts say that in reality, the effects caused by incense are due to the stimuli produced by the aroma. For example, cedar has a nice aroma that refreshes and disinfects the room. 


There are different types of incense you can find in specialized stores. We have the natural incense and other incense made from mixing different aromas.

General Uses of Incense

Religious Purposes:

In Christianity, incense is used during processions and Eucharistic adoration.  In Buddhism, the use of incense enables the follower to easily immerse himself in the art of meditation. The Egyptians burned incense rods to ward off evil spirits and worship the gods. In Wicca, incense are used to enhance spells and rituals. It is mostly used in love, money, health and other black magic spells.

Business Purposes:

Incense is burnt at work locations to attract customers, good luck and increase profit. Also, some people burn incense in their shops because of its pleasant aromas that provide their customers with a relaxing effect.

Therapeutic Effects:

The inhalation of therapeutic incense can provide healing to a sick person. It can help an individual find his inner peace and build his confidence. The aroma of incense can wipe away negative energies such as anxiety, stress, bad luck………and replace them with positive vibes.

When an incense is ignited during a ritual, it attracts the fire and air element. The use of incense in closed areas can lead to suffocation.  Burn your incense in open areas with sufficient ventilation to enhance free movement of the smoke.

Most incense can be prepared at home using natural ingredients found around you. It is always better to prepare and charge your incense to grant your desires. If you can’t find the necessary ingredients for preparing your incense then you can purchase from our online stores. While buying incense from stores ensure to check the chemical constituents because some incense contain allergic substances which you should avoid.

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