Effective Spells to Reverse Curses to the Senders

One of the reasons why most people learn black magic is to harm others through this art. It is okay if you choose to harm someone who is your enemy but I hope your conscience wouldn’t let you cause harm to someone who hasn’t done anything wrong to you and probably doesn’t know you. 

Why would bad witches cast a curse on you? Most times it is because they are envious of you, your family, success, beauty, health and everything. They just want you to live an uncomfortable life and sometimes they might try to kill you because they hate your existence. I believe you aren’t going to just sit still and watch them achieve their goals. You have to fight back and destroy them before they get the chance to harm you.

How would you know if a negative spell has been cast on you? If you are constantly facing challenges in your health, job, marriage, academics, family, finance, relationship, etc… then it could mean you have been cursed. You can break a curse or a strong work of witchcraft using some powerful spells. Let us look at some of them.

How to Reverse Curses using Dolls

Conditions Required for the Spell

Day: Everyday

Moon phase: Fourth Waning or new moon

Hours: Sunset

Items required: A doll


You will need to have a doll to represent yourself while performing this spell. This doll will receive all the negative energy sent to you. Through this ritual the doll will support and assimilate whatever they have done to you.

You must prepare this doll by yourself using fabric, wool, straw, paper or wool. The different parts of the body must be distinguished. After you have created the doll then charge it to represent you. You can recite these lines:


“I created you, and your name is ______.

You will receive the negative energy sent by ______ in my place. “


While reciting, imagine the transfer of the negativity into the doll. Believe with your whole heart that the transfer has been done. Afterwards, place your doll in a hidden spot where no one will find it and forget about it.

Once you believe that the curses have left you, you can get rid of the doll by destroying and disposing it into a river or ocean.  If after some years you experience bad luck again, you can always make another doll and repeat this ritual.


Ritual Two

Items Required:

  • Sage, tobacco or feather
  • Mirror
  • Black candle


  • Cast a magical circle and cleanse the surrounding to remove negative energies.
  • Smudge yourself probably with sage, tobacco or a feather.
  • Select a mirror and smudge it with sage or incense to prepare it for the ritual and remove existing energies.
  • Place the mirror near your bed facing outside.
  • Light a black candle and place it in front of the mirror.
  • Imbue the mirror with your intentions. Pray aloud or softly and ask the mirror to reflect any negative energy cast on you. Ask the mirror to send it back to the source.
  • Recite your intentions for several minutes and be focused during this process.
  • Visualize the actualization of your requests.
  • Charge the mirror by manipulating it with your intention and breath. Visualize your energy field, take a long deep breath then exhale the negative energy all over the mirror.
  • Stare at the mirror for at least five to ten minutes while breathing deeply as this will charge the mirror.

Let your candle burn completely and when the mirror is fully charged you will know. You can leave the mirror for as long as you wish and ensure to recharge on every new moon. When you feel you have completely dispelled the negative energies cast on you, you can bury the mirror on a full moon night.

If you intend to use the mirror for other purposes then ensure to smudge it with sage within a magic circle for three days in a row. The mirror spell is very effective in reversing curses to the sender. It hastens the process of karma on the individual who wouldn’t let you be at peace.  You can repeat this ritual at any time you feel negative influences around you.


Source: https://houseofintuitionla.com/blogs/news/reversing-curses-with-the-magic-mirror-spell

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