Witchcraft love knot ritual

Witchcraft love knot ritual


Existing in at least 50 variations around the world, the “Love Knot Ritual” is a rather tame title for a dramatic piece of sorcery.  It is a highly potent traditional spell for unashamedly stirring up lust – with a capital “L”.

Like many truly powerful spells, it introduces the element of time into its working.

To perform this magick you will need a few hairs from the head of the victim – ah, er…Person!  A hairbrush or comb  or even a hat  are the most likely places to procure these. People are apt to become suspicious (and rightly so!) if you smilingly produce a pair of scissors and purloin a lock of hair.  

Prepare your place of working with pinecones, ivy and  evergreens. 

In your thurible burn Cernunnos incense and in the chalice have red wine.  

Cast your Circle and on the floor within trace the edges of a large equilateral triangle, big enough to contain yourself and your altar and allowing plenty of room for movement. 

Begin by chanting the invocation to the Horned One, starting in the east and repeating to each quarter, traveling deosil.

As you do so, cense and anoint each side of the altar  with a dab of wine from the chalice.

At the same time, visualize yourself as standing in a small clearing with a vast dark forest.  The tops of the trees close far above your head, and through the green twilight you can hear in the distance the trapling and occasional cry of a wild beast as it crashes through the undergrowth.  It seems to be approaching the clearing in the trees where you stand, drawing ever nearer each time you face another quarter to repeat your invocation.  You can even smell the rank animal scent of the beast. 

 It is Cernunnos Himself, the Horned One, God of the Forest,  part stag, part human – with rearing antlers and erect phallus, nostrils flaring and eye’s burning through the forest gloom. 

Finish your call to the north and see him  vividly in your mind’s eye standing proudly in the east outside the perimeter of your charmed triangle.  

 Invocation to the Horned One

Eko Eko Azarak!  Eko Eko Zomelak!

Eko Eko Cernnunos!  Eko Eko Arada!

Bagabi Lacha Bachabe;

Lamac cahi achababa,


Lamac Lamac Bachalyas;

Cbahagi Sabalyas,


Lagoz atha Cabyolas;

Samahac atha femyolas,



Return to the east, and facing west across the altar, gather up the 3 pieces of twine and consecrate them w/ incense and wine in the name of Cernunnos. 

Knot the ends of the twine and braid them together, binding the hair into the plait as you do. 

Summon up the image of the person you desire as you do this and repeat this quaint jingle over and over:

Lord Cernunnos I ask of thee,
let (name) no pleasure, sleep, nor solace see,
till heart and loins be turned to me!

When the cord is woven, tie the free twine ends together forcefully with the words:

As my will, So Mote It Be!

No triple cross of sealing is necessary since the tying action if forceful enough on it’s own.  Fasten the finished cord around the upper part of your thigh (if you are a woman)  or around the genitals (if you are a man) tight enough not to slip but not so tight as restrict the circulation of blood. 

Wear the cord for 28 days, removing it only for showers or bathing.

Should no appreciable result have occurred by this time, set the seal on the magic by performing the final part of the spell:

Prepare your place of working with a large floor triangle again and with the usual arrangements, making sure that the thurible  contains a good supply of glowing charcoal.  The chalic should be back again in the triangle, this time containing a few drops of olive oil, red wine, honey, and your own blood.

Invoke Cernunnos (as previously) at all four quarters.   Remove the cord and tie nine knots in it, beginning w/  one at either end and working in pairs toward the center where you should place the final knot.  As you do this, reapeat the charm with each knot finishing on the last w/ “As my Will, So Mote it Be!”

Dip the corde briefly in the chalice, picking up on it a few drops of the liquid.  Then cast it, along with the incense, onto the thurible coals, repeating these words with lust and conviction:

Ure Siritus Igne

Renes nostros et cor nostrum

Fiat, Fiat, Fiat!

The 2nd half of the process reinforces the subtle effect of the first on the victim, (er … Person’s,) mind and gives it a sharp reminder of what all the nudging has been about.

Cernunnos Incense

1 part patchouli

1/3 part frankincense

1/3 part myrrh

1/3 part lavender

1 part bay leaves

1 part pine needles

1 part worwood

1 part vervain

oil of cloves

oil of patchouli

oil of pine

olive oil


a bit of civet or musk (synthetic is fine!)

a few drops of your own blood

Prepare this on a Thursday during a waxing moon and let sit overnight before using.

Cernunnos Oil

equal parts oils of musk, civet, ambergris (synthetic is fine!) cedar, pine, patchouli and clove.


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