Voodoo Rituals : How to Select the Appropriate Ritual Dress

A great importance is often placed on the clothing worn to practice rituals and in ceremonies. During Voodoo celebrations, worshippers are often dressed in different attire and the choice of clothing is dependent on the deity being celebrated, the ritual being performed and the spiritual authority held by the individual. Also, the vestments that you wear can be a symbol of transformation between your humanity and your astral existence.

Generally, white clothing is significant in many religions. In voodoo it is considered a default attire for attending voodoo ceremonies as it represents purity and modesty. White is considered sacred to the spirits of Dahomean and it is often worn on days dedicated to these spirits.

Traditional clothes

Traditionally, the ritual clothing consists of a simple tunic, with long sleeves, ample, light and free flowing around the body. Another pattern is a cape with a shirt of silk, cotton or linen. This garment is only worn during celebrations and stored with herbs and ritual accessories, when not in use.

In the past, black witches’ garments were entirely sewn by hand and designed with magical symbols. They were rather dark in color, while the garments of white witches were rather light colors, sometimes white, as to emphasize the purity of their magic. The pattern of dressing brings certain decorum to the wearer and ensures that the practitioner’s energies are not blocked.

Dressing patterns in recent times:

Clothing pattern isn’t a necessity to look out for in ritual preparation. Although, it gives the ceremony a magical atmosphere. The important things to look out for include; adequate items preparation and ensuring the success of the rituals. It is more important to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually and to follow the various steps that lead to the success of the ritual rite.

Besides some rituals are performed while naked but if you have good sewing skills, you can make your dress to suit your taste.. The ritual garment has no limit but your imagination. However, in designing your dress ensure to use natural fabrics, cotton, linen, silk, etc. These materials will allow you to conserve more energy.

Choice of Colors:

The choice of colors of the ceremonial garment can be determined by the purpose of the ritual:

White: for purification rituals, full moon days and to harmonize with the Goddess.

Purple: to have a more acute awareness.

Blue: for healing rituals.

Black: for the ultimate symbolism of divine energy.

Green: for the rituals of herbalism and magic plants.

Yellow: for divination rituals.

Red: for sabbath rituals and rites of divine protection.

After you have designed your dress, you should consecrate it along with other tools before use. This is to remove the negative energies and charge it for the occasion. Also, ritual garments should be stored properly when not in use.

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