How to Prepare a Wiccan Altar

A Wiccan altar refers to a natural or man made structure used as a center for worship. Since ancient time, an altar has been used in different religions as a means of communicating with different deities. Different religions have different means of arranging their altar but in this blog we will describe how a Wiccan altar is arranged.

Some common elements you can find in a Wiccan altar are:

  • A piece of cloth
  • Athame
  • Pentacle
  • Incense
  • Wand
  • Broom
  • Cauldron
  • Chalice
  • Bowl with sea salt
  • Extinguisher
  • Representations of the gods
  • Natural objects
  • Crystal ball (optional)

Choosing an Altar Location:

First, you are to identify the best location for your altar. It could be your kitchen counter, a corner in your room, in your store, etc. The gods do not care where your altar is as long as a connection is created through it.

Note that your altar should be placed in the center of your magic circle. This will serve as a means of protection and to channel your energy properly. You can draw your magic circle with a chalk, salt, stones, plants … or nothing!  Just visualize it as a spherical space, and perform your rituals inside.

After choosing a location, sweep the area where the altar will be installed, using an herb broom. This cleaning is symbolic as the broom never touches the ground.

The intention of the exercise is to disperse the residual energies. It must be swept in a clockwise direction.

The Altar Arrangement:

Next thing to do is to figure out the different positions to place your magical tools. Basically, remember that the left part will be dedicated to the Goddess and the right part to the God while the center becomes the meeting point.

You can place any of these substances as representatives of the four elements:

Fire: Candles, pictures representation of fire, sun, ashes, etc.

Air: Incense feathers, drawings of flying bird, etc.

Water: A cup, bowl, seashells, pictures of ocean.

Earth:  Stones, bowl of salt, herbs, etc.

The arrangement should be done this way:

The Left Side:


  • A white or silver candle for purity and femininity.
  • A cup of water representing the sea.
  • Your magic wand and a bell.

The left side of the altar will be dedicated to the Goddess. You will then place the tools and instruments dedicated to her; the cup, the pentacle and the little bell used for announcing the beginning and end of the ritual.

If you have a crystal stone, a broom and a cauldron, place them on the left of the altar. You can also place an image or statue of the goddess.

The Right Side:


  • A red, golden or yellow candle
  • A bowl filled with salt, representing the earth.
  • Your athame, knife or dagger.


The right side of the altar will be dedicated to God. Along with the image or statue representing the god, place the censer, athame and a bowl of salt on the right side.

In The Center:

At the center, in front of the solitary candle and besides the cup,  place the natural offerings (flowers, crystals) and amulets for consecration.

The Altar Consecration:

After the arrangement you are expected to consecrate your altar by offering sacrifices. For this, place fruits, flowers, stones, plants … in the plate or bowl that you have chosen for your altar. Then say a little prayer:

´Goddess of the moon, the sea and the earth

Lord of the sun and wild creatures,

Accept this offering I have laid in your honor.

Oh Powers! Give me the wisdom to see your presence everywhere in nature!´

Then you can close your eyes, meditate and feel the presence of the gods.

In conclusion I would like to say that I have only stated some tips to follow in your Wiccan altar preparation but you should be reminded that in Wicca there are no rules so you can do whatever you wish as long as no harm is done to another..

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