Freezing Spells: The Magical Power of Ice

Water has great magical element when in its solid state. It can purify and serve as a barrier to the entrance of evil and can also paralyze the vitality of a certain situation or relationship. If we want to get rid of an evil or to break with something or someone that harms us, the best thing is to ‘freeze’ it, so its strength and power over us dies.

In using the freezing enchantment you must make sure that you only freeze the exact situation as unfreezing might not be an easy task. In this blog we shall consider some spells that work with freezing.

1.To Pass a Test:

You will need this spell to pass a test or job interview. You can perform it on the eve of the test.  Take an old book and write down all of your fears and insecurities about the test.

Sprinkle thick salt between the pages of the book and freeze it. You can reinforce the spell by adding a photo of the teacher or the logo of the company.

You can recite aloud: “crystal clear ice, transparent ice, help me to win this test that destiny gives me.” In this way you will transfer to the ice your fears and the negative energy.

2. Freezing ritual against envy:

Do you have someone who is envious of you? Envious people can really intervene in our energy world so it is useful to have them far away. You can perform this ritual using strand of the person’s hair.


  • Get a plastic cup and fill it with water to the brim.
  • Get some strands of the person’s hair and place inside the plastic cup.
  • Recite: “You must not be envious of me. May you feel bad about criticizing me”
  • Put the glass inside the freezer and recite:

 “Here I freeze your envy, remain here until I decide otherwise”

  • Leave the glass in the freezer for as long as you want or until you feel that the other person’s envy has disappeared.
  1. For good health:

Items needed:

  • A photo,
  • A glass with ice (cubed or ground) ,
  • Ballpoint pen and paper,
  • Optional: two white candles.

This ritual can be done in the morning of any day that has a full moon.


  • Place on a table the photo of the sick person.
  • Place two white candles at each side of the picture.
  • Light the candles.
  • Write on a piece of paper the name of the person you are doing the spell for and include a get well sentence.
  • Place the paper under the photo and place a glass full of ice on the photo.
  • Meditate on your request and visualize the ailment.
  • Dedicate time to this task, avoid anxiety or haste.
  • Recite: “I want to be cured” or “I want so-and-so to be cured”.
  • Visualize the body without pain, full of light and completely healed.
  • Finally, let the candles burn out and when the ice melts, throw it out to the drain. Keep the paper in a safe place.

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