How to Prepare for Voodoo Rituals

All ritual practices are expected to be done with caution and everyone who joins voodoo is expected to spend some time learning the basics of the different practices carried out. The reason for this is to prevent you from venturing into practices that might harm you.

Rituals are made up of many components. There are the spoken words, offering songs, offering costume and incense of different sort.  As a voodoo newbie who intends performing rituals there are some elementary things you must know in order to have a successful ritual. Let’s look at some of them.

The Type of Ritual:

First of all, before carrying out a ritual, you should identify what type of ritual it is. Is it a black, white or red magic ritual? The answer to this question helps you in taking the subsequent ritual steps.

Where is the best place to carry out a ritual?

All rituals are expected to be done in quiet locations such as forest, garden, mountain, park or any other place, where we are in contact with nature. The purpose of the ritual also determines the location as some rituals require the conjurer to visit the cemetery, caves, etc.

What is the best time to perform a ritual?

Some rituals have their specific time. Some are performed from dusk to sunset, or in the morning, just before dawn. It also depends on our available time, so we have to adjust our schedule so it does not interrupt the course of the ritual.

What date/day is the most suitable?

As the moon travels through different phases there are some rituals that are best done on each phase of the moon. A new witch would need to learn the different rituals suitable for the times and seasons.

It is not a bad idea to consult a lunar calendar and verify the phases of the departure and entry. You can add the most appropriate days of the week and months. For example, Saturdays are suitable for rituals on health, prosperity, disappearance of negativity and to banish a bad habit while the waxing moon is suitable for spells on money, good luck, relationship, good health, job and achieving your heart desires.

Should the ritual be done alone or in company?

In voodoo ritual practices, different subjects have different perception on what ritual is acceptable or not. If you must work in groups, ensure that your partners are like minded so as to avoid condemnation and distraction. Otherwise you can work alone.

Another option is to invite someone as an observer; this could be your tutor so he can correct you whenever you make mistakes.

What music is suitable?

If you love playing a rhythmic music during ritual then that’s cool but note that the music mustn’t be too loud and it should help you in translating into the spiritual realm where you communicate with the gods of the ritual. In other cases, such as sabbats and other voodoo ceremonies, loud music and dance is needed in conjuring the gods.

What clothes are suitable?

Although, the clothes you wear during a ritual can obstruct your movement so being naked could be a better option. But if you choose to wear some clothing then it should be one that you are comfortable in. The color of the clothing is dependent on the ritual performed and the spiritual authority you possess.

Tools needed to make a ritual:

There are numerous tools used ranging from the athame, cauldron, pentagram, candle stick, chalice, broom, etc. There are other ingredients such as herbs, oil, soil, stone, etc. Determine what type of tools and ingredients are needed for the ritual and prepare them for the occasion.

During a ritual, you must always pay attention to signs that show up. These signs are meant to either inform you of the progress of your ritual or to warn you to stop. Your inability to understand the different signs that might show up could lead to a disastrous ritual as you might have to pay for the mistake with your life.

The Spiritual Entities:

In voodoo religion, there are numerous loas, gods and goddesses that are being worshipped during a ritual. Before carrying out a ritual you must acquaint yourself with the specific deities related to the ritual. Also you must learn the proper way of calling out to them because these spiritual entities can harm you if invoked wrongly. Do not forget to offer the right sacrifices and offerings to them.

Finally, I would like you to know that out of eight persons who cast spells, six persons are expected to have a kick back effect. Yes! Most times the curses or blessings you send out during a ritual return to you and your family members in multiples of three. For this reason, you must obey the general rule in Wicca which states that you can do anything through magic as long as it hurts no one.


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