The Law of Triple Return

“Everything you do will be returned to you in multiples of three.”

The Law of Three Times Three (also called Law of Three, Law of Triple Return, Law of Retribution or Triple Law) is a belief associated with Wicca. The law of return is primarily a spiritual truth and an ethical guideline.  According to this belief, everything you do will be returned in multiples of threes, both good and bad. This law serves as hope for individuals facing injustice. In life, everything is returned although It usually takes time, but it always arrives, and sometimes in unsuspected ways.

Another rule in magic is that you can do anything as long as it hurts no one. The principle of three times three acts as a reminder that; although you have the freedom to do anything, bear in mind that everything you do comes back in threes.

Sometimes, the Law of Three Times Three is associated with the sixth hermetic principle (The Law of Cause and Effect or Law of Karma), so it is common to find references to it in other spiritual doctrines, other than Wicca. An example of this is the Metaphysical current that uses the Law of Three Times Three to reinforce the energy of the affirmations and decrees, with the purpose of achieving a certain objective.

For this, the Law of Three Times Three can be applied as the axis of a spiritual work schedule, repeating the affirmations and decrees, three times in the morning, three times at noon, and three times in the night. Just like karma and dharma your rewards shall come.

So each time you wish to practice a spell especially black magic, ensure that the purpose is very necessary. It is undeniable that, at some point, situations will arise that can lead you to act negatively, in these cases, the Law of Three Times Three appears as a principle of teaching and learning (remembering the mistakes made), and not as a punitive system.

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