How to Use the Money Drawing powder

Money makes the world go round but not everyone is able to get money easily. There are people who work hard but still can’t have financial breakthrough. The money drawing powder is one ingredient that would help you to achieve financial freedom.

The use of this powder alongside with numerous money spells can help you or your client achieve wealth.  In this blog, we shall look at how to use the money drawing powder to boost your finance.

Money Drawing Ritual

Arrange seven coins in a cross. Place four green candles on each end of the cross. Light the candles and meditate on your desire. Hold a pinch of Money drawing Ritual Powder in your hand while envisioning the outcome of your request.

Once you “feel” your powder is filled with energy, you can release it to the winds, dust it on your coin or sprinkle it on the earth.

You can also carry out this ritual while reciting Psalm 23. Ensure that your heart is focused on your desires and at the end of the ritual, your heart desires will be granted. If it doesn’t occur immediately, be patient and hopeful till the results come.

The money drawing powder can be used with a matching oil to aid the magical work. You can use the powders and oils in mojo bags and magical pouches. It can also be used in anointing candles, cleansing altars, tools and homes and charging amulets.

Ways of Using the Money Drawing Powder

  1. Sprinkle this powder in your purse or wallet to attract money to you.
  2. After bath, apply 7 drops of money drawing powder on your arms, chest, hands and feet.
  3. You can scrub the powder on all your money notes, checkbook, bank statement and lottery tickets.
  4. At home, sprinkle this powder near the front and back doors of the houses.

At your workplace, you can spray the powder at the four corners, windows and doors to attract customers.

Where can you get this money attracting powder?

They are sold in Wicca stores or you can order from online stores. The money drawing powder is designed to help you make money quickly, stabilize your finances, find new money uses, have more money, and of course attract plenty to your home.


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