Loa Ghede: The Death Messengers

This family of loa comprises of the demons of death and they have a sole mission of destroying lives. The Ghedes are dreaded by men because they aren’t willing to die. For this reason, these spirits are known to appear without invitation.

Baron Samedi is the head of the Ghedes and he is known to have other forms; Baron Cimeteri and Baron La Crios. His wife is Loa Maman Brigitte.

Baron Cemeteri also known as the cemetery guardian is the last spirit you would see before you die because he works as the doorman between the living and dead.

Papa Ghede is the corpse of the first man who ever died. He waits at the crossroads to take souls into afterlife. Legend says that he protects the lives of little children and never causes untimely death.

Ghede Bábáco: He is a brother to Papa Ghede’s brother but he lacks the special abilities of his brother.

Ghede Nibo: He is the patron who had died prematurely by violence. He also works as an intermediary between the living and the dead and protects the graves of those who died prematurely.

Baron Kriminel: This ghede is referred as a murderer as he was the first to kill another. He is often very violent and insatiable.

The Divine Twins:

The ghede twins are Ghede Masaka and Ghede Oussou. These twins work as gravediggers and assist the other members of the family.

Ghede Loraye: is the keeper of those who die by sea. She is described as a little woman who appears near shore before a storm.

Ghede Lorage: This Ghede deals with those who die by gunshot.

Ghede Masaka: She is an angry female Ghede that represents women who died in childbirth.

Ghede Doubye endows those who call on him with the gift of  clairvoyance.

Ghede Souffrant is the patron of those who die after torture or protracted illness.


Baron Cemeteri is often seen wearing a black suit, a hat, standing on a gravestone and holding a cane. He has a white skull like face and speaks with a nasal voice tone.

Papa Ghede is identified as a short, dark man with a high hat on his head. He is often seen smoking cigarettes and eating apples.

Ghede Masaka is seen wearing a black shirt, white jacket, and white headscarf.

Ghede Oussou is recognized with a black or mauve headscarf and jacket marked on the back with a white cross.

Ghede Masaka is seen carrying a gris gris bag containing poisons and umbilical cords of her lost child.

Summoning Locations:

Graveyards, cross roads, seaside, etc..


Cigarettes, drinks, peanuts, black coffee, rum, bread, etc..


The Ghedes are often contacted by magicians who work with dead bodies. Before you can invoke the spirit of the dead or carry out any excavation at the cemetery, you should get permission from the landlords of the cemetery.

They assist sorcerers in their meditation and divination practices. These spirits mock sanctimony and enjoy sex, ribaldry, and obscenities. In situations of infertility you can call for their assistance.

The feast of Ghede is celebrated on the 2nd of November. Her devotees dress like mourners for the ceremony and during possession a devotee often exposes the secrets of the worshippers thereby leaving everyone in confusion.

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