List of Some Dangerous Voodoo Loas

In the pantheon of Loa of Voodoo, there is a family of spirits whose members are not generally very benevolent towards humans. Although these spirits are known to be helpful to the priest as they support healing rituals and are mostly used in casting evil spells.

These Loas are often considered unfriendly and could request for ridiculous sacrifices but irrespective of how they behave, a true voodooist would coax and not reject them.

The Gede or Guede:

These Loas are called the demon of death and they often appear when uninvited. The Gede Loas are known to have no followers and their sole mission is to destroy life.  The head of this family, Baron Samedi is known to have other forms of appearance namely; Baron Cimeteri and Baron La Crios.

Brave Ghede is considered the doorman between the door of the living and the afterlife. He often appears in a black suit and wearing a hat. He is often seen standing on a grave stone holding a cane and black cross. Death is considered a rebirth into a new life and followers of this Loa are often dressed as mourners.

Baron Criminel:

This is a much feared spirit in the Haitian voodoo as he is considered the murderer who has been condemned to death. A possession with Loa Criminel makes the individual to devour himself thereby leading to bodily mutilation. The possessed initiate also tries to stab people around him.  His colors are black, purple and blood red.

Loa Ti Jean Zandor:

He is another violent and angry Loa known for hunting men while hopping on one foot. He is considered the dwarf who roams the bush seeking who to devour. He also assists sorcerers who practice black magic.

Loa Krabinay

People are often warned against these Loa because possession induced by them are so violent that spectators are advised to stay far away. The possessed is often dressed in red and performs very dangerous jumps. Although, these loas are considered tough they can also offer great assistance to the houngan.

Loa Marinette:

She is said to be the wife of Jean Zandor and considered a fierce loa in the Haitian tradition. She is represented by a screech owl that protects the werewolves (her worshippers) and becomes very cruel when people burn humans and animals.

Her colors are black and deep red and she is often offered black pigs and black roosters plucked alive.

Why do Voodooists summon dangerous Loa?

For the followers of the Voodoo, the summoning of dangerous spirits is necessary because they often help with powerful evil charms and healing charms too.

To coax these spirits the worshippers offer sacrifices at their selected locations. The sacrifices and offerings have only one goal: to make the dangerous Loa give up its hunt for man.

Nevertheless, during Voodoo ceremonies, the priest or priestess, as well as all participants, remain very vigilant if there is such a family of spirits.

If one of the participants is possessed by one of these spirits, the priests or priestess will endeavor to put an end to it immediately, before irreversible damage is caused. For example, they blow up firecrackers next to the possessed to hijack or put the dangerous Loa to flight.

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