How to Prepare a Homemade Voodoo Doll

Have you ever thought of creating a voodoo doll? If yes, this post would guide you on easy steps to prepare your voodoo doll. Actually, you don’t really need sophisticated items; just some natural materials around your environment would be enough.

Voodoo dolls are important because they create a channel of communication with the deities and a means of reaching our target irrespective of their location.  In making a voodoo doll you can use different materials ranging from wooden, silky, cotton, etc. The following are other necessary materials required.

Materials needed:

  • Two sticks
  • Black and white waxed nylon thread or thread for embroidery.
  • Hemp rope
  • Needles and pins for sewing
  • Fabric glue
  • Fine leather
  • Patterns
  • Cardboard, scissors or paper.
  • Materials to stuff the doll such as herbs or straw.
  • Scraps of cloth, buttons, feathers, for dressing the doll.

The voodoo doll is meant to represent an individual so you would need to dress it with the individual’s personal belongings such as hair, clothes, makeup, etc..

Steps in Preparation:

  • Use the two sticks to form a cross by placing the short stick perpendicular to the long one.
  • Knot the two sticks with the thread in an X-shaped movement. It should look like a cross.
  • The upper pole of the long stick represents the head and the lower pole represents the body. The both poles of the short stick represent the arms.
  • Wrap the poles with the doll’s stuffing material. Start in the middle, then around the head, then an arm, then around the other arm, then halfway and finally to the bottom.
  • Cover the doll with pieces of cloth using glue and sew to hold everything to your voodoo doll. But remember to keep part of the filler exposed on the ends of the arms, on the head and on the bottom.
  • On the head, attach some beads to represent the eyes and mouth.
  • Dress your doll with the personal belongings of your target. You can even put a piece of hair to make the doll more powerful.
  • After your doll has been made ready you should consecrate and baptize it with holy water.

How does Voodoo doll work?

These dolls work through the effect of sympathetic magic.  After creating a doll to represent an individual and dressing it up with personal belongings of the target, a connection is created between the doll and the individual. So any harm or good done to the doll affects the target.

 If you follow the steps in voodoo doll creation and ensure that your spells are cast correctly then in no distant time your wishes will be granted especially if you are asking the Loa for assistance.

 How to dispose a voodoo doll

If you are in possession of a negative voodoo doll and wish to dispose it, I would suggest different means to you. Burning a voodoo doll doesn’t sound like a good idea because you might be burning someone unknowingly.

To dispose it, you can wrap it in a white cloth and sprinkle it with sea salt. Then take it to a river or in the woods where you can conjure the spirits to transform the doll’s negative energies.

After that, throw the doll into the flowing river or leave it in the woods and walk away without looking back. When you arrive home take a cleansing bath using sea salt.

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