The Importance of Voodoo Dolls

A voodoo doll is a figure used to represent a person or an animal for the purpose of an enchantment or other magical ritual. Voodoo dolls are used to provoke a change through sympathetic magic which works with the principle of similarity and associative contact.

This is based on the belief that someone or something can be magically affected by executing some action on an object that represents that person.

Why should you make a voodoo doll?

There is no doubt that there are bad people in the world that should be dealt with accordingly. Such people include; abusers of children, rapists, cruel parents and partners, wicked world leaders, those who are involved in trafficking women and children for prostitution, etc.

Most times, we can’t reach these individuals physically to deal with them and the only way to harm them is by representing them with a doll before laying our curses on them.

The use of dolls in witchcraft and magic goes back to ancient times but their potential use has been kept secret in the form of stories, myths, folklore and superstition.

In fact it has a bad reputation due to its representations especially in horror films where a wicked witch holds a ragged doll and does all kinds of tricks to make a person die. In our society today, people believe that Voodoo is just about causing harm through dolls but that’s far from reality.

Thousands of years ago, in ancient China, women were forbidden to undress in front of a man, so to be medically treated, they ordered the manufacture of precious ivory dolls with inscribed details of their anatomy.

These dolls served as communication between the doctor and the patient. The doctor practiced healing on the doll and the patient gets healed. In general we use the dolls for Protection, Prosperity, Luck, Love, Health and Happiness.

How to perform a doll ritual:

Most voodoo doll spells are not dangerous especially if the conjurer has the protection of a vodun. Also, he will be protected if his intentions are pure and sincere.

The size of the doll and the distance of the recipient do not influence the ritual. It is rather the color and the materials used in preparing the doll that can affect the spell.

To link the doll to your target, it is necessary to follow these four essential steps of confection. First, choose the basic material for the doll; cotton fabric, clay, wax or human-shaped root. Prepare a silhouette that resembles the target then insert organic elements such as; strand of hair, nail scraps or drops of blood of the target. A photo or a sheet of paper on which the person’s name is written in red ink can also replace the organic element.

To give name to the doll, prick your forefinger with a sharp object to get blood. While using blood as ink draw a scarlet line on the front of the doll and recite this sentence thrice:

“You are ………. (mention the name of the person)…….”  It is only after these steps that the doll can represent the person.

We have different types of Voodoo. A believer might decide to be initiated into Lukumí or Conga Voodoo. Lukumí is black magic. If you practice it, you become a Bokor and if you practice Conga, you will do white magic.

We all have the right to choose the path to take. But whatever path a person chooses he mustn’t forget the law of the three that governs our destiny in relation to our behavior and the decisions we make. In summary, everything we do will come back to us in multiples of three. So do not regret it if the repercussions of the evils you do come back to you and your family.

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